March 15, 2012

Hal's Custom BATMAN BAT-CYCLE Harley-Davidson Motorcycle!

Check out these awesome photos of a really great "Bat-Cycle"! This is a 1988 Harley Davidson FLHTP owned by our friend Hal. Originally, it was an old Police Bike that used to be in service in New Jersey. Hal removed all the Police-related items off of it and customized it a little bit with some fresh paint and Batman Bat-emblems. I really like that he kept the design sort of minimal. I mean, he didn't over-do it and that's important because with some "Bat-Vehicles" a lot of People just go totally crazy, ha! Now, don't get me wrong though, "extreme" can be cool too, but I really love this Bat-Bike. Good Job Hal, and Thanks for sharing these fun pics.

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MTA said...

nice bike. Tommy never see many comments just wanted to say as a 30plus year Batman fan visit the site daily. You do a great job love the site