March 21, 2012

Franchi's 1989 BATMAN MOVIE TRIBUTE Wallpapers!

I'm pretty proud to say that this week's "Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday" features some amazing artwork by Graphic Artist / Designer Christopher Franchi. He's a Good Friend to the Bat-Blog and was kind enough to make us these 2 Exclusive BATMAN Wallpapers! Now of course these 2 images pay tribute to the Classic 1989 BATMAN Movie directed by Tim Burton.

OK, in the 1st wallpaper we get to see Michael Keaton as the Dark Knight, Kim Basinger as Vicki Vale, and Jack Nicholson's excellent version of The Joker! The Classic '89 Batmobile Car even makes an appearance! I like how the car is kicking-up some leaves as it blazes down the road, a nice touch. I also like the scenery of Gotham City with the Bat-Signal and the AXIS Chemical Plant, both great references. All the Characters/Actors are extremely well done. I mean, you can almost smell Kim Basinger's hair gel ( Hey, it was the Eighties, ha! ).

Now, the 2nd Wallpaper's main focus is just on BATMAN. Yes, This is the Michael Keaton version most all Bat-Fans totally love! he's shown here in a famous "open wings" pose and the glowing Bat-Symbol in the back is a nice touch.

Side Note:
Franchi is working on getting the rights to produce a variation of this image as a Limited-Edition Art Print Poster and if we get more news about that we'll pass it on. It's also important to note that he altered the original image for our Bat-Blog "Wallpaper Format" and, if the art print is offered, it will look more like the "Vertical" example shown down below.

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