March 13, 2012

Diego's BATMAN TOYS AND MEMORABILIA Collection from México City!

Just recently, here at the BAT-BLOG.COM, we have got emails from Brazil, Germany, England, and the Netherlands! Oh man, I totally love the Internet! It's so cool to connect with other Serious Batman Fans from around the world. Like the content of this post, here are some wonderful photos of a very cool BATMAN TOYS AND MEMORABILIA Collection from México City!

All this great stuff belongs to our Friend, Diego. He's been collecting since around the age of 8 ( He's now 22 ) and his favorite items in his collection are some neat Plush Toys. He said that he won them at the Six Flags Theme Park in Mexico. I have to admit that my favorite item, if I had to pick one, in all these pics is that HUGE GIANT-SIZE ACE, THE BAT-HOUND!! That thing is cool! But really everything here is great! Diego has a very nice collection of Action Figures, Statues, T-Shirts, Batmobiles, Graphic Novels, Comic Books, etc... I think it's really neat to see other people's collections. I wanna thank Diego for taking the time to shoot these fun pics, I really appreciate that, "Muchas Gracias Diego!!"

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EmperorDinobot said...

This dude has a Fire Armor Batman figure from The Batman. That's impossible, since the figure was unreleased! Can we get him to take pictures of it?