March 26, 2012

Brand-New BATMAN Action Figure Toy Line Planned by Mattel

Later in the year we'll be seeing some brand-new BATMAN TOYS that are totally created by Mattel's in-house Design Group. What I mean by that is these toys will not be tied into any existing Movie, Animated Series, Comic Book or TV Show. This new series of figures will be totally created by Mattel. The name of this toy line is "Batman Power Attack™" and shown here are some examples of the toys and their packaging. Check out the different Batman figures, the 1st Villain issued will be Killer Croc, and a pretty cool BATMOBILE Vehicle!


The Sexy Geek said...

Not sure how I feel about the new logo.

Paul Nomad said...

The Last thing in the world I need are Batman figures in a style that represents nothing, are based on nothing and are in a scale that compliments nothing. It's bad enough the Brave and the Bold cartoon, with all of its obscure villains and elseworlds batmen was not mined to even a 10th of what it could have been. Now we get a line they just made up? Good luck selling that to anyone but little kids.

Anonymous said...

Look i agree with paul to an extent..this is obviously a kid friendly line..& i dont like the batman figures at all as they have oversised hands & feet & look pretty ludicrous..The only figure i liked out of this line is (Killer Croc).But then there is the batmobile..When i first saw the turned me off istantly. but as i have been lookin at it now a little more closer..The design of it is pretty deadly! my plan is to buy one & give it an entire repaint..My idea is to paint it so it looks rugged even with rust setting in to it! Make it look as realistic as possible..& Yes, this Version is not tied to any movie,comic,Tv series etc..But i still like it. Years ago when kenner ran the show..I am sure their (future Batmobile)released with the (legends of Batman) line..I'm pretty sure it was not related to any known batman movie,comic? But it is one of my favourite pieces. Still..when it comes to collecting..each to their own.