February 19, 2012


Here is the cover and all the inside pages to a Vintage "Trade Publication" Magazine called TOYS AND NOVELTIES that was published around April 15th, 1966. This was a special item sent to Toy Retailers, like Department Stores ( think Sears & Montgomery Wards ) and Toy Stores ( mostly "Mom & Pop" type places ). Basically, it featured new products coming out that season plus information for the Wholesalers. Today this issue is special to "Vintage Batman Toy Collectors" because it was the "Bat-Issue"!

Shown here are all the advertisements for cool Batman items coming out. Today it's a treasure trove of super-rare collectibles. Seriously, I've been an extremely hardcore Toy Collector hunting down Bat-Merchandise for over 20+ years & I have NEVER seen some of these items!! We get to see all of these pages because of the kindness of a fellow Bat-Fan named David. So, a special THANK YOU goes out to him for scanning these pages, you ROCK, Sir!

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The Sexy Geek said...

Very cool to see something like that. I love that they used Carmine Infantino's art on some of the pages.

I will admit, I laughed at the promise of a Bat Bat.