February 16, 2012

Vintage 1960's BATMAN Toys and Memorabilia - Collector Reference Photos

It been a while since we last featured some cool Vintage BATMAN Toys on the BAT-BLOG.COM. So, Here We GO! The general theme is "Toy Collector Reference Photos" of cool Bat-items from the 1960's. This has always been a favorite era of toy collecting for me. With the popularity of the 1966 TV Show they really went crazy with the merchandising and today there's a TON of great items to try and hunt down!

The 1st photo is an extremely RARE Batman Bobblehead Nodder that was made in Japan. Now, some people might say it's kinda ugly but that's a huge part of it's charm, the "cheesy factor", ha!

Next up is a fun toy that I used to totally love, a 1966 BATMAN Magic Slate. Today I remember these from my childhood and they were super exciting, for about 10 minutes. But I've always loved the graphics on these things. I'm showing 2 different ones here so you can see what I mean. Plus, they're also great for display because they hang on the wall so easily.

Now we come to the 4th picture and it's so beautiful!! Here's a '66 BATMAN Flashlight on it's original Blister Card. Just the toy itself is pretty cool but those awesome graphics on the packaging would have caught my eye as a little kid in 2 seconds, very cool!

Speaking of cool graphics, the last item shown here is this Arts and Crafts Toy made by Hasbro called "RUB-ONS". This one was themed with the Dynamic Duo and had rub-transfer decals you could add to a page to make fun artwork.

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