February 13, 2012

New 2012 DC Universe JOKER Hot Wheels Diecast Car in Stores Now!!

OK, you know that new series of 2012 DC UNIVERSE SUPERHEROES Hot Wheels Cars that Mattel keeps coming out with? Well, here are the next 3 new Comic Book Cars: Superman, Green Lantern, and The Joker! Now obviously we're gonna focus on the JOKER one because the Bat-Blog is ALL ABOUT BATMAN, ha ha! But in the 2nd photo you can see the other cars too and they're really great. Personally, I totally love them! These brand-new toys were found by our Ace Bat-Reporter Batmobilly! He said he found them at Wal-Mart but I'm sure they will hit Target stores soon. Hey, if anyone, and that means YOU, sees ANY brand-new Batman Merchandise in the retail stores then please let us know! ( Thanks Batmobilly! )

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