January 20, 2012

ROBIN THE BOY WONDER! Recent BURT WARD INTERVIEW at The Nightwatch Radio Podcast

Awhile back, I received an email about a very cool future Bat-Event, BURT WARD ( The Actor who played "Robin, The Boy Wonder" on the 1966 BATMAN TV Series ) was being interviewed on the Nightwatch Radio Podcast. Awesome! Except, because of an internet glitch, I never got this news. Then the event happened and I only had time to post it on the Bat-Blog Facebook page just an hour or two before it happened. So some people got to hear it "LIVE" and many did not. I want to apologize to both my Readers and the Pod-casters for this screw-up. Hey, I'm extremely good looking but NOT perfect, ha!

Anyways, here's the good news! The Podcast Interview was recorded and can now be either listened to or downloaded at their website. When visiting the site be sure to click on their "AUDIO CHAMBER" Link Button and look for the "ROBIN, BURT WARD" item listed for 1-17-12.Oh yeah, for their website, click HERE!

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