January 13, 2012

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES - Entertainment Weekly Magazine BATMAN Cover Hits The Shelves

OK, I have not gone to the book store yet to totally confirm it but the latest issue of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY Magazine with THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Batman Movie Cover Story is suppose to be out today. If not, then look for it very soon. The cover has an excellent photo of the new bat-suit worn by Christian Bale. There are also a few pics inside that are great. The ones I've seen mainly feature Batman, Bane, and Jim Gordon, with NO Catwoman.


Anonymous said...

Okay I maybe the only one out there but NOT IMPRESSED! I'm not impressed with Bane as the villian, there are so many better picks. Not impressed with Bale as Batman, sounds constipated. And the batsuit is worse than some of those George Clooney messes they came up with. At least be some kind of nice to us old guys and put Adam West in for some type of cameo.

Anonymous said...

I saw this magazine at Albertsons, So i really know what it's about. Ha ha! And since it has been released before the film even comes out. I am gonna wait to see the film when it comes out on July 20th, 2012.