January 20, 2012


Shown here are a few brand new items to keep an eye out for the next time you hit the Dollar Store. Actually, these were found at a Retail Outlet on the East Coast called "DEAL$", so they might be a little hard to find in other regional areas. Like, I live in Oklahoma City and haven't seen them yet. But sooner or later they will pop-up!

Anyways, the new products are Batman 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo ( Tear-Free, because Batman doesn't cry! ), Batman Bubble Bath ( Bubble Gum Scented! ), and Batman Body Wash. They also sell a neat BATMAN Hand Towel. All this cool stuff, only $1.00 each!

Now, you're probably wondering what's the deal with the Two Cute Kids and the Crazy Dog, ha ha! Well, they are the nieces of our friend BatDave and the Dog's name is BUSTER! These cool kids are part of a Batman Fan Club in New Jersey called "The Junior Bat-Squad". They wanted to model these new products for you, which is great, but they also wanted to share that their Dog BUSTER totally loves the Batman Shampoo! On a side-note: I want to thank these wonderful kids for their support of this site, they ROCK!! Also, BUSTER THE BAT-HOUND RULES!


Eric Stettmeier said...

If Buster likes it, it must be great!

PS more pics of Buster in his bat outfit please :)

Terrjack Collectibles said...

Dollar Tree on 23rd and meridian in okc has these items, I saw them today.