December 20, 2011

Video - HOLY BATVENTION! Batman Guests and Vehicles at 2011 NJ Comic Con

About a month ago, November 12 & 13th to be exact, you might remember the BAT-BLOG going crazy trying to cover the NJ COMIC CON in Teaneck, New Jersey. They had sort of a "Batvention" there that celebrated the 1966 BATMAN TV Show/Movie and their Special Guest was none other than CATWOMAN herself, Lee Merriwether! They also had a few 1966 Batmobile Replicas and Bat-Cycle. They also had the Original 1960's Bat-Copter and the real-life Michael Keaton Batmobile from the 1989 Movie, whew!

Well, here's a set of amazing videos created by our Good Friends and Ace Bat-Reporters: BatDave and Dennis! They filmed the NJ COMIC CON so people who couldn't go could get to experience the fun. The videos do a great job at capturing the event and there is plenty of eye-candy to absorb. I especially like seeing all the Bat-Vehicles in detail, the wonderful Costumes, the Special Guests, and other fun stuff. Check it out!!

CLICK HERE For More Catwoman and Batman Batmobile Video!

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