December 3, 2011

Scoot's Awesome BATMAN ARKHAM CITY Inspired Art!!

I've been meaning to get this up for some time but it's so worth it! Awhile back, we got an e-mail from a BAT-BLOG FAN named Scott McMahon aka Scoot. It turns out that "Scoot" is a very talented Graphic Artist and he wanted to share some of his art. We're super glad he did, it's very cool stuff!

This is a Digital Drawing inspired by BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY! OK, his drawing style is obviously more "Batman the Animated Series" than the dark and gritty tone of the Video Game but we did say "inspired". You see, in the game our favorite Dark Knight battles a ton of different Villains and this art represents that. Plus, I love the "Cartoon-Style"! Speaking of that, if you wanna see more of Scott's work then please click HERE!

( Thanks Scott for sharing your fun artwork, keep up the good work! )

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Scoot said...

Thanks for posting Bat-Blog!