December 7, 2011

HOT BATMAN BABES - Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday!

Oh yeah! Here are some ever so delightful Batman-related HOT BAT-BABE WALLPAPERS to brighten your PC's desktop! I guess I gotta explain to brand-new BAT-BLOG Readers that every Wednesday we post a few FREE Batman Backgrounds. It's been a tradition for over 6 years so why stop now! These photos were submitted by our good friend BatDave from 2 different events that happened to be in New Jersey. The 1st one has a beautiful pair of Evil Bat-Villains, Catwoman and Harley Quinn! Oh yeah, there's some 1966 Batmobile Replica Cars in the photo too, ( who cares? ) Ha Ha! Speaking of the Batmobile the next one has a very pretty "Daisy Duke" Girl with the Famous Car, so I guess it's still "Batman-related"...right? You're welcome.

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