December 9, 2011

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES - Is Viral Marketing Starting For The New Batman Movie?

Recently, at a few select websites ( Wired, for one ) a graphic that looks like a "CIA Leaked Memo" featuring a Nuclear Physicist named Dr. Leonid Pavel began to surface. The photo is really an Actor that we all know will be in the next Batman movie, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

Well, the photo led to a few other clues and now there's this website called "OPERATION EARLY BIRD". On that site there is nothing but a countdown timer ( at the time of this writing it has about an hour or so to go! ) and then that might lead to another clue. Some are expecting maybe a new movie trailer ( Let's hope that's the case, ha! ). So, the question is... Is this the beginning of a brand-new Viral Marketing Promotion by Warner Bros for the new movie?

I remember the one for THE DARK KNIGHT and it was a great success, a lot of fun, and they gave away some very cool prizes. Stay tuned to the Bat-Blog.Com for all your V.M. News!

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