December 19, 2011

CHIP KIDD Talks About His Future BATMAN Graphic Novel, DEATH BY DESIGN

Most Serious Batman Fans know who Chip Kidd is. He's a Graphic Designer who has created some really great Batman-related "History Books" that you might know about. His most recent book in that genre is "BAT-MANGA: The Secret History of Batman in Japan" ( 2008 ). But he has also done "Batman Collected", which is mostly about Vintage Toy Collecting, and "Batman Animated", which is about the creation of the popular TV Show. All really great titles that I recommend reading. But any how...

Well, now Chip Kidd is set to write his first actual BATMAN Graphic Novel titled "BATMAN: DEATH BY DESIGN". The plan so far is for it to come out around Summer 2012 and here's a recent video of him sharing information on it at an AIGA Conference. In his presentation we get to see some of the amazing artwork done by Dave Taylor, a Comic Book Artist living in the UK. We also get a better idea on the story line & it sounds like a really unique concept, check it out!

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