December 30, 2011


Here are some random images I have come across while surfing the web ( Yes, I have NO life ) that are both FUN and Batman-Related! The 1st photo is a beautifully made Custom CATWOMAN My Little Pony Figure done by an Artist named Mari Kasurinen. Of course, this is the version from the older BATMAN RETURNS Movie and not the NEW "Anne Hathaway" from "The Dark Knight Rises". To see more amazing Custom Toys just click HERE!

Next up is a Watercolor Painting that totally cracks me up! Here are 2 characters from "The Imaginary World" of a Cartoonist named Dan Goodsell. He has a comic strip called "Mr. Toast" and these are his 2 friends, JOE THE EGG and SHAKY BACON dressed-up as the Dynamic Duo! Dan's artwork is a lot of fun and once you start reading it you'll be totally hooked, check this out, click HERE!

OK, The last photo is one I came across on a Cosplay Website. Somebody made a very clever CLAYFACE Costume from the "Batman: The Animated Series" TV Cartoon. This is a character you never see done. I guess because it would be both a nightmare to create and to wear, ha! But you gotta give this person credit, he did an extremely amazing job!

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