December 15, 2011

Brand New Officially Licensed Batman Mighty Wallet ®

Here's a totally new BATMAN Product I came across the other day that's kinda cool plus it's good for the environment. Now some of you might be thinking, "Environment? Screw that! Hey, what's the Earth ever done for me?!" But for the rest of us caring, intelligent, people this is a good thing.

The Mighty Wallet® is made from a single folded sheet of a strong micro fiber material ( Tyvek ) that is tear and water resistant, super strong and incredibly long lasting. This innovative wallet design has no stitching and instantly adjusts to a custom fit. The dimensions, when open, are 8”w x 3 1/4”h x 1/8”d.

Plus, the graphics on these Mighty Wallets look pretty cool! They have many different designs ( Star Trek, Andy Warhol Campbell's Soup, Superhero, Animated TV Cartoon Characters, etc... and, most importantly, 2 different Batman themed ones. One is just straight-up "Batman Comic Book" Style while the other is the "1966 Batmobile Car" Owner's Manual! For more info, CLICK HERE!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Since you're so intelligent and caring - can you explain just exactly HOW a PLASTIC wallet (that will remain in a landfill for thousands of years) is "good" for the environment?

Others have said it before, so I'll say it again: keep the blog posts to BATMAN. No politics. No liberal, tree hugging crap.