December 7, 2011


A Bat-Blog Fan recently wrote in asking about a 1989 BATMAN Christmas Ornament he has in his Toy Collection and I gotta say that I'm completely stumped. First, I've never seen it before and Second, we're trying to figure out who made it. So, if any of you out there know who the manufacturer is, or where it was sold, then please let us know. It's sort of a hollow plastic "Action Figure" covered with black velvet. At first I thought it was some kind of "bootleg" item but it has an official copyright marking on the bottom of the feet, "DC COMICS ©1989". So, it was made during the early Tim Burton BATMAN Movie craze. Were there any others made too?


jokerscrowbar said...

I have one of those and an 89 baseball cap from Six-flags in Belgium when Batman the ride was there. Never found a Joker to go with it but hopefully there is one out there somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I bought these in Germany in a department store. I think they are from "Bull" and yes they are from somewhere around 1989.