November 21, 2011

Vintage BATMAN 1966 BATMOBILE REPLICA CAR Story from 1989 Belgium Newspaper

WOW! Now here's an extremely cool piece of Bat-History! A Loyal Bat-Blog Fan in Belgium, named Cliff, sent us this scan of a Vintage Newspaper Clipping he has kept forever! Cliff explained,
"I thought you might be interested in a 1989 newspaper article which I have kept since then in my good old and battered Batman Official Movie book. According to the article, the stunning 1966 Batmobile Replica Car is the work of the (then) 27 year old Mark Perkins from Winkfield Row, UK. After having asked permission from Warner Brothers, Pekins ordered the 1973 Lincoln from the United States. Then, when it was shipped to him by… well, ship, he transformed the Lincoln into the Batmobile in seven months. The article ends by stating that the Batmobile Replica will be shown in front of London’s Warner West End Theater when the movie opens next Friday. I can’t help but wonder what has become of UK Batfan Mark Perkins and his Batmobile… I wonder if he ended up making replicas of the Furst Batmobile and the Tumbler :)"
That's a good question Cliff. Does the car still exist? If so, then where is it now? Thank you for sharing this great Batman-related Newspaper Clipping. It's so cool seeing older stuff like that. It's even cooler that it's "foreign". If any other BAT-BLOG.COM Readers out there have some interesting stuff like this then please don't hesitate to share with all of us, thanks!

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