November 8, 2011

New BATMAN CEREAL BOX - DC Comics Promo By General Mills

Here's a new "Batman Product" you might keep an eye out for on your next shopping trip to the Grocery Store. General Mills Cereals is running a promo with DC Comics to promote the JUSTICE LEAGUE characters. They have a neat Cereal Box with some small "DC Comics" graphics on the front, but the cool thing is that one of the boxes has a large cut-out mask of Batman on the back! Also, FREE INSIDE, is a really great mini-size comic book. It's actually very decent quality measuring about 5" X 7" with 12 pages. The grade of the paper & color printing is really nice. I was sort of impressed with it as a cereal premium. There are 4 books to collect. I got Issue #2, shown here.

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Josh said...

I got issues one and three.