November 6, 2011


OK, who doesn't LOVE Nachos? Ha! Here's a funny photo we got from our friend Billyman in his cool bat-suit! I guess he got hungry while out fighting crime & decided to hit the local 7-Eleven for nourishment, ha! That 1st photo doesn't show the full costume, and it's pretty amazing, so check out this 2nd shot. I really like the "Yellow Capsule" Bat-Belt & the Bat-Cowl is pretty awesome too. The whole thing is meant to have a RETRO-STYLE look, sort of like the way Batman was in the 1970's. Just think about the comic book artwork of Neal Adams or even the "Super Friends" animated cartoon... AWESOME! Thanks Billyman, YOU ROCK, Sir!

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Scott said...

Who says Batman doesn't eat Nachos?? I bet he also stops at the Taco Bell drive-thru for "Fourth Meal".