November 19, 2011


Check out these wonderful photos sent-in by our Good Friend Jerry who lives in Taiwan. He recently went to a Toy Collector Exhibit of HOT TOYS Figures in Taipei City. They showcased a ton of different dolls they have made but because we're all about BATMAN, and have limited space, we're gonna focus on the ones of the Dark Knight.

All the Batman-related dolls were set-up individually in special showcases. Then, they they took a few extra dolls ( I mean, Figures! ) where they build extremely detailed dioramas of imagined scenes from THE DARK KNIGHT Movie using Batman ( Christian Bale version ), The Joker ( Heath Ledger ), the Bat-Pod Motorcycle, and the Tumbler Batmobile Car.

They also had the Batman ( Michael Keaton ) and Joker ( Jack Nicholson ) Figures from the 1989 Movie. But they were not included in the dioramas.

A Special Thanks goes out to Jerry for thinking about the BAT-BLOG.COM and getting these great pics, Thank You Sir!!

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