November 28, 2011


I started to notice a trend in my PC Bat-Folder so I thought I'd do this "Tribute" post about BATMAN Bat-Vehicles! The 1st photo I'm pretty proud of. This is our friend Darren's CUSTOM 1966 BAT-BOAT! Yeah, he's building this thing in his garage and he has been working on it forever. I mean, he's totally MAKING it! Here's a nice shot to show the wonderful progress he's made so far. It looks like he's started work on the Bat-Fin... Cool!

Next up is an extremely RARE 1960's Japanese Tin Toy Airplane BAT-JET owned by our buddy Bat-Cat in Thailand. This guy has some incredible "Museum Quality" type stuff. I totally love the Vintage Graphics on this thing!!

The Ford Mustang "Custom Batmobile" is a photo shared by a friend on Facebook. I don't care WHO you are, you gotta admit that it's a beautiful Masterpiece of ART, ha!

The last photo is kinda fun and goes back to the "Toys Theme". Here's a totally brand-new product that's just come out. This is the Dark Knight BAT-POD Motorcycle Plastic Model Kit by Moebius Models. I have not built a kit in many many years but this one is tempting me, ha!

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