November 27, 2011


OK, I like BATMAN and I love FINE ART so when Artists combine them I'm always in awe. Here are three "Batman-Inspired" photos to share. The 1st one is a High Couture Dress made in Japan. It's so freakin' AWESOME that even I would wear it! As a side note: I have never ever worn ladies things before, ever, I swear! Next up is a fun parody photo showing the Surrealist Artist Salvador Dali dressed as Adam West's Batman ( He would have made a totally great Villain on that TV Show, ha! ). Last, but not least, is this very interesting BATMAN Poster I came across on the web awhile back that has a great "vintage look" about it. It's very well done in a cool Bauhaus-Style, or is it Russian Constructivism? I always get those two confused.

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