November 26, 2011

BATMAN HUMOR - Hilarious and Funny Comic Strips!

Here's a quick post to share some totally hilarious BATMAN-RELATED COMIC STRIPS I have collected. The 1st one is from the Syndicated Newspaper BIZARRO Comic Strip. I know this Cartoonist is a HUGE Batman Fan because he does one with our favorite hero every now and then.

Now, I'm not sure who the Artist is on the 2nd one but the concept is great! It goes on the idea of, "What If Batman had been in a different mood while developing the concept of being Batman". It's a great parody on the Golden Age Origin Story!

The 3rd one is directly related to the 1966 BATMAN TV Show. For everybody who knows the trick of how they always filmed the Classic "Wall Climbing Scenes" you'll find this one hilarious! ( See Reference Photo for clues, ha! )

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