November 8, 2011

BATMAN FINE ART SCULPTURE by Ceramics Artist Calvin

I recently discovered an Artist's website where he showcases his cool Ceramic Work. His name is Calvin & he lives in the San Francisco area. His artwork is very very impressive! He has his own style of Art where he makes Humanoid Creatures that are very organic, think: Wood, Fire, Water... that kinda thing. They're really great! But, he also did a series of Superhero Characters and, obviously, my favorite was the Dark Knight himself, BATMAN! Now, in that Superhero Series, he also made an incredible X-Men Comics Wolverine, He-Man The Master of The Universe, Captain America, Amazing Spiderman, and Lion-O ( Thundercats ). Here's a link to check the out, while you're there be sure to look at everything - You'll be glad you did! Just click HERE!

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