November 18, 2011

BATMAN THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD - MITEFALL! The Last Episode - Promo Trailers and Wallpapers

The BAT-BLOG.COM has some sort of bad news to report. Tonight ( Friday, November 18th, 2011 ) is the very VERY last episode of BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD. It's titled, "MITEFALL!" and will star Bat-Mite! On a personal level I really loved this show for it's Humor, Animation Quality, Art Direction, Vehicle Design, and most of all... bringing back a TON of great Superheros and Villains from the Silver-Age History of DC Comics. Man, they found some extremely obscure characters sometimes, ha! It will also be kind of sad watching the last episode tonight. But, this highly-rated TV show did have a great 3 year run! So as always, I guess, all good things come to an end. On a happy side-note: There is news of a brand-new CGI Animation "BEWARE THE BATMAN" to become a part of Cartoon Network's new DC NATION line-up. YEA! we all have that to look forward to!!

Up above are some "MITEFALL!" Wallpaper Backgrounds I hope you enjoy. Yes, the 1st one is a shameless promotion for the BAT-BLOG, Ha Ha! Then, down below are some Trailer Videos for the Season Finale Episode:

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Ed "ICE" Berg said...

When 'Batman The Brave and The Bold' comes on, it's always at the same time my wife wants to watch the news so I hadn't been able to view it much. This past couple months though I was lucky enough to get to see it and had become a fan of the show! I was surprised at how well done it really was. Darn - always late to the dance. I guess I'll just have to buy the DVDs.