November 1, 2011

BATMAN 1966 TV SHOW and MOVIE REPLICA PROPS - The Batzooka and Bat-Shield!

Check out these amazing replicas of a few props from the 1960's BATMAN TV Show and Movie! Our Buddy "BatDave" is holding the BATZOOKA! It was originally seen in the 1966 Batman movie as a Batcharge Launcher, in the scene where Robin, The Boy Wonder, used it to fire at The Penguin Submarine!

Then, we have the BAT-SHIELD, held up by our Friend Louie! This "Weapon" appeared mainly on the Adam West and Burt Ward BATMAN TV Series. It protected Batman and Robin from harm caused by Villains!!

Both of these were made by Louie and you can see the love that went into them because they have such great detail! ( Thanks to BatDave for sharing this fun photo ).


BatDave66 said...

Fantastic post, Tommy... Thanks so much!! A quick correction to my original text: The two bat-props shown were made by the wizards at Gotham City Supercars Club for my buddy Louie!!

Scott said...

Cool!! Those are great looking replica props!!!