November 17, 2011

BAT-BLOG.COM Gets a Shout-Out On THE FIRE AND WATER Podcast!

OK, This is pretty cool! The BAT-BLOG.COM was recently blessed with an awesome shout-out review on the FIRE AND WATER Podcast! This is the Official Podcast of two awesome comic book-related blogs called THE AQUAMAN SHRINE and FIRESTORM FAN. Each one does an excellent job of covering their favorite DC Comics Superhero Characters. But the Podcast is a combination of both, hence the name, "Fire and Water".

Now, just a few days ago, on Episode #7, both Rob Kelly ( Aquaman ) and the "Irredeemable SHAG" ( Firestorm ) mentioned the BAT-BLOG and gave a well appreciated, very cool, review of this website. Among other things, they said something about, "The BAT-BLOG is Great For Your Daily Bat-Fix!", ha ha! Wow! It's really an honor because it's a fun podcast to listen to. In the past I have downloaded a few shows & it's usually pretty interesting, they're both great hosts. Besides talking about their favorite characters they also delve into older comic book history and a little recent Pop Culture. If you're a Fan of Aquaman then you need to check out THE AQUAMAN SHRINE. You can also hear this podcast for free over at the FIRESTORM FAN website. While you're there you might hit their iTunes link & subscribe. I wanna thank both Rob and Shag for this wonderful shout-out. YOU GUYS ROCK & keep up the good work!!

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The Irredeemable Shag said...

Thanks so much for this shout-out! Keep up the amazing work here!

The Irredeemable Shag