October 19, 2011


The other day a friend told me about a new BATMAN fan-film titled, SEEDS OF ARKHAM. To be honest I was not that excited about it as most of these movies are totally awful, ha! But, out of curiosity I checked it out & was glad I did. SEEDS OF ARKHAM is another short film created by BAT IN THE SUN Productions. This is the team that brought us CITY OF SCARS. In fact, this new movie is sort of a sequel. The costumes, set design, make-up, etc... is done extremely well. They even got a Batmobile Replica Car that not only looks great, but is a major "character" as well. The two main villains in this film are Killer Croc & Poison Ivy. Now, this company plans to make more of these episodes, let's hope they do. They started a Kickstarter page to try to raise more funds. To check it out, just click HERE!
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