October 27, 2011

Two Real-Life BATMAN HEROES Raise Funds For Cerebral Palsy Children's Charity!

OK, Here's a story that we can all be very very proud of! Our Good Friend & Serious Bat-Reporter BATDAVE sent us this story with wonderful photos. Last Monday, the "Galloping Hill Cruisers Car Club" held their annual Halloween Fundraiser at the Historic 1920's FIVE POINTS Hot Dog Stand in Union Township, NJ. And, thanks to the presence of BATMAN that night, the Cruisers were able to collect over $2000 for a local Cerebral Palsy Children's Charity called NJID ( The New Jersey Institute for Disabilities ). At the event were two real-life heroes dressed as 2 different styles of Batman, the "Adam West and Christian Bale" versions. There was also an extremely nice 1966 Batmobile Replica Car there as well! The fun-filled event went on for almost 5 hours & everybody had a great time. But the more important thing, was that it raised a lot of money for an extremely good cause!

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