October 30, 2011

Cool BATMAN FANS Have The Best Halloween Costumes!

Check out these awesome BATMAN AND ROBIN HALLOWEEN COSTUME Photos sent in by 2 loyal Bat-Blog Fans! The 1st one is from our friend Mike & this is a picture of his Son Jonah dressed as Batman's Sidekick, Robin! This is from last year, 2010. You gotta love the pride & joy written all over his face! I mean, Jonah is SUPER AWESOME in his fun costume!! Plus, it looks like the "Animated Series" version of Robin, so that's cool too.

Next up is another Batman Fan & this guy's name is Chris. He's a 4th grade teacher in Kansas. This photo was from Halloween last year when he surprised the kids by dressing up as the Dark Knight. Oh man, can you imagine their faces when they all saw BATMAN enter the classroom, ha! Oh yeah, as a last minute thing I thought I would show a close-up photo of his Custom Bat-Belt, it's got some great detailing. Thanks to everybody for sending pics, they're really great & I appreciate it. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

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