October 28, 2011

Cool BATMAN FANS Have The Best Halloween Costumes!

Oh Man, HALLOWEEN is just a few days away!! So, to celebrate, all week we're posting some fun photos sent in by Loyal BAT-BLOG Readers who wanted to share their Batman Halloween Costume Pictures. The response to sending us pics has been completely wonderful and we really appreciate it!

Shown here are some older photos sent in by our friend Cully. The 1st one is his Son, as Batman, in a classic pose delivering a punch to the Joker, ha! The next few pics are Cully & he has been many different variations of Batman over the years. There's a "Movie Version" that's great! That "Batman Beyond" version is insane! Speaking of crazy, check out the last pic, there's the Joker!! I wanna thank Cully for sharing these fun memories with us. We wanna wish him & his family the very best Halloween this year, and to everybody else, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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