October 28, 2011

Brand-New Wacky BATMAN AND ROBIN Products To Look Out For!

The real main focus of the BAT-BLOG.COM is to share the fun and joy of collecting cool Batman stuff! We report on a lot of the mainstream products but we also like to feature unusual items that might go under the radar. Here's some great examples. The 1st two pics were sent in by our Good Friend & Awesome Bat-Reporter, BATMOBILLY! He went on the Retail Store Hunt recently & came up with these unusual items.

First, here is a LEGO BATMAN Winter Hat & Glove Set for Kids. Hey, these are pretty awesome, I'd wear them! I totally love the graphics & the image of Batman & Robin climbing the wall totally make me wonder if it's a homage to the 1966 TV Show, ha! It looks like that famous scene, doesn't it?!

Next up is totally new line of Action Figures that Batmobilly found at Toys-R-Us. They are 4 Batman "STEALTH STRIKE" Toys! He said they were unknown to him & I gotta admit that I have not heard any news of them either, it's like they just came outta no where!

OK, the last photo is a totally cool piece to try to add to your collection but getting it is going to be difficult. Why? It's not a regular retail item but a special Store Display Standee for the BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY Video Game. This photo was sent in by our friend Jacob and, if I remember right, he said he got it at Wal-Mart. About the only way to get one of these is to go stalk Retail Stores that might have these & totally suck-up to the Store Manager, ha! I got some of these a few years back for the BATMAN LEGO Game from Blockbuster Video.

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