October 31, 2011

BATYY HALLOWEEN - Robin and The Riddler in Battle!

RIDDLE ME THIS, "What is it that no man wants to have, yet no man wants to lose ?" Answer: A Lawsuit! Ha Ha! Sorry, I had to do a wacky riddle because this next group of pictures feature the Riddler! Yes, Gotham City has recently been threatened by the Prince of Puzzles. But wait! Robin is on the case & ready to fight crime! What will happen next?!

These fun pics were sent in by our friend Jessica to share the Halloween Costumes that her & her friend Linh made this year. Jessica is Robin & Linh is the Riddler! Both costumes are totally great! I have always felt that homemade outfits are the very best & this is total proof. I wanna thank them both for taking the time to shoot these wonderful photos. Plus, I hope that they, and all BAT-BLOG Fans, have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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