October 31, 2011


I woke-up this morning to find a ton of great Halloween Costume Photos sent in by BAT-BLOG Fans who are going totally crazy this Halloween! Crazy, like the Joker! Yes, a few pics were all Joker-related so I thought I'd do one post to cover them all. Now, to be fair, I'm posting them in the order that I got them. But they're all completely GREAT in their own way. Check 'em out!

The 1st pic is our friend Paul who did a great job with the Joker make-up. I also like his pose, he looks like he is a little bit insane, ha ha ha!

Next up is a nice Family Portrait with Batman, Joker, & Robin! Our friend Lauren is the Joker & his Buddy Kman is Robin, the Boy Wonder! Great pic guys & you all look AWESOME!

Now, last but not least, is our friend Maggie. She said she found this Purple Jacket in a Thrift Store, it's perfect! What a good find! Plus, the rest of her costume & make-up is great too. Well, it looks like certain cities are gonna have to deal with the Joker this Halloween. I wanna thank everybody who shared their special photos. Posting these pics has been a lot of fun! HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYBODY!!

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