October 18, 2011

BATMAN AUCTION NEWS - Jerry Robinson's Original Cover Art for DETECTIVE COMICS #67

In recent BATMAN AUCTION NEWS everybody is totally excited about a new piece of Original Golden Age Comic Book Art that has hit the market, it's the Cover Art to DETECTIVE COMICS #67! HERITAGE AUCTIONS of Dallas, Texas is offering it on October 27th,2011. The sale ends around November 15th-17th, 2011. This masterpiece was drawn by Jerry Robinson back in the "Batman Golden Age" era. It's also important to note that this cover was the very first appearance of a character named THE PENGUIN. It's an extremely important piece of Bat-History & my guess is that it will set a record price. Also, if you click on the photo of the artwork up above you can see a very high-def pic with great details, check it out! Oh yeah, if you wanna bid ( or maybe buy this for me as a Christmas gift, hint hint ) then just click HERE!

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