September 8, 2011

These Custom Made BATMAN Toys ROCK!

Here's a quick post to share a few photos sent in by 2 Bat-Blog Fans named John & Mike. They're both very creative people & have made some really cool Custom BATMAN Toys!

John's story goes like this:
For awhile he's been into finding old broken action figures & improving them. He said he has always wanted to do a Custom "Comic Action Penguin" & he recently found a broken one he could work on. Now, for people who don't know, "Comic Action" Figures were made around 1976 by MEGO & they practically have a cult following. One thing about them, that gives them a lot of charm, is that they were kinda cheesy, ha! But John gave his figure some new legs & custom paint job. The result is pretty impressive.

Mike's story goes like this:
Mike is a Father of 2 kids who totally love Cartoon Network's BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD animated series. They love to play with the toys and action figures of the characters from the TV show. But the problem was, no matter how hard they looked, they could never find the "Robin" figure & really wanted one. So, their Dad made them the 2 shown here. The 1st photo shows how he made a Robin figure to go with the regular Batman Action Figure from the toy line by Mattel. The 2nd photo shows a custom "Robin" toy of an "Action League" mini-figure. So, 2 different toy lines are covered here. Plus, Mike did an amazing job on these & the kids totally love playing with them! Thanks to both Toy Custom Artists for sharing their work. We want to invite all other Bat-Blog Fans out there to do the same.

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