September 22, 2011

Pics - BATMAN, JOKER and SUPERHERO COSPLAY at French Comic Con!

Recently, the BAT-BLOG.COM was sent some wonderful photos shared from a Cosplayer in France. His name is Niko & he's shown here as the Joker. His Son also made an appearance at the event as the "Little Dark Knight", BATMAN! In the last photo we get to see some of his friends in Superhero Costumes too & they're all really great! Sarah is Supergirl, William is Batman , Sabrina is Catwoman , and Julien is Green Lantern. It's so cool that the French love comics! In a future post we plan on posting some pictures Niko had sent of his amazing Batman Toy Collection. So, look for them soon. In the mean time, I wanna thank Niko for these great Cosplay pics!

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Alexander said...

Super photos! Love them!