September 28, 2011


Getting to meet Batman Fans & Toy Collectors from all around the world is my favorite part of working on the Bat-Blog. Here's a perfect example, these photos were sent in by a new friend to the site named Niko. He lives in France & is a very serious Bat-Collector. In fact, I'm breaking this post down into three parts because there were so many pics & Niko's collection is HUGE! But, this is cool because we get to see a lot of neat stuff. He really seems to like the collectibles made by DC Direct, we're talking Action Figures & Statues. Also, besides Batman Niko really loves the Joker, that's cool. But there is also a nice variety of other items as well. Maybe I'm being small minded but I'm always amazed at the Dark Knight's popularity in far-away countries. That's completely AWESOME! ( Thanks to Niko for sharing these fun photos )

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