September 24, 2011

DESMOND Models His New BATMAN T-SHIRT From Old Navy!

Late last night we got some wonderful photos in our email box from our very best super friend, Desmond! He's shown here modeling a brand new BATMAN T-Shirt he got recently at Old Navy. His Mom said, "Old Navy has been carrying Batman merchandise on a regular basis now and I continue to find great tees there."

In the next photo we see Desmond wearing his favorite Bat-Mask! His Mom said, "This kid is obsessed with the bat! We also found a Batman ski mask for adults that he has been wearing for a week now...we are lucky to get him to take it off for dinner and bedtime. He gets that mask on and runs around whispering in a spooky tone "I'm Batman". We think it's quite possible he thinks he really is Batman!"

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Life As It Should Be... said...

Where can I find that ski-mask!