September 13, 2011

Brand-New BATMAN TOYS by Mattel in Stores Now!

Check this out! here's some photos sent in by our friend Christopher. He recently went on the retail store toy hunt & came across these 2 cool Batman items ( Thanks Chris! )

The 1st pic shows a new variation on the new 2011 HOTWHEELS "MONSTAR JAM BATMOBILE" 2-Car Set by Mattel. The picture on the left is the one from last year and the one on the right shows the new packaging. Plus, it looks like the "1989 Diecast Batmobile" is slightly different.

Next up is a fan favorite. Here's a Fisher Price TRIO DC SUPER FRIENDS Action Figure 2-Pack Set with Clayface & Batman ( Who is "covered with mud", ha ha! ). I totally love these bat-toys!

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