September 4, 2011

BATMAN The Lazarus Syndrome - New BBC Audio CD

This is not really a review, because I have not even seen this new product in real life yet, but it is more of an announcement of a brand-new product. This is a brand-new BBC AUDIO CD with a Radio Show of a Classic BATMAN Adventure titled "The Lazarus Syndrome". Any Bat-Fan will recognize, from the title, that this story MUST involve R'as Al Ghul. Yes, that's the main focus of the play. This show was originally created back in 1989 & this is the 1st time it's been released. One thing that's both great ( & kinda sad ) is that the "Alfred" character is voiced by Michael Gough. He was the original Actor who played that part in the early Batman films & he just recently passed away. So, it's a wonderful way to enjoy his work again. On a personal note, I have always loved his variation on Alfred so it will be cool to hear. This product is out now & if you would like more information ( plus hear a sample audio clip ) then just click HERE!

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