September 27, 2011

BATMAN FAST FOOD TOYS - Justice League Unlimited - Bobbing-Head Heroes 2

HEY KIDS! Check Out These Cool New Toys!! Right now, if you go to an Arby's Restaurant, they have a new KIDS MEAL promoting JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED Bobbing-Head Heroes 2. There are 6 Toy Premiums to collect: Batman, The Joker, Superman, Supergirl, Solomon Grundy, & Lex Luthor. Basically they are "Paper Toy Figures" you put together. I guess I should note that if you don't want to buy the food then most locations will sell the toys separately. Yeah, you know which two I'm gonna buy, ha ha!


Josh said...

I especially like the picture of Batman holding a roast beef and cheddar sandwich.

Josh said...

I ate breakfast at 11 a.m. and I'm getting hungry looking at that roast beef and cheddar sandwich.