August 7, 2011

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Video - Hear The Voice of Actor Tom Hardy as BANE!!

SPOILER ALERT!! Check out this video showing some of the filming for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES at Heinz Field. Here's what the guy making the video said, "After Bane [Tom Hardy] blows up the football field when 86 of the Gotham Rogues [Hines Ward] runs to make a touchdown after the kick off [this is what we were told was going on during filming] he comes out to address and strike fear in Gotham City [us]. The raised part you see is whats suppose to be left of the football field. He comes out and pulls the microphone from the dead? Ref [which is just a dummy] on the ground outside the tunnel where he comes out with his thugs and someone he has prisoner. He also drags out some big crazy device that's supposedly the means of our destruction..."

CLICK HERE For More Batman The Dark Knight Rises Video!

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