August 15, 2011

THE BOY WHO LOVED BATMAN Book Signing Event on August 20th with Michael Uslan

This Saturday, on August 20th, Michael Uslan will be holding a BATMAN Event at Ashbury Park, the Famous Boardwalk in New Jersey, to promote his new memoir book, "THE BOY WHO LOVED BATMAN". Of course we're talking about the Executive Producer of all the recent Batman Films so this should be pretty cool! There will be a Book Signing, Lectures, Drinks, & they'll show the original 1989 BATMAN Movie on the Beach! Plus, the entire thing will be free! Well, you might have to pay for your own drinks, ha! But there is no admission cost.

Plus, There will also be five original Batmobile Cars from Gotham City Supercars sprinkled all over the Boardwalk. Down below is the basic schedule for the event. Then, there's a photo of our good friend, Bat-Chick, she's standing next to an original promo poster she spotted on the Boardwalk in NJ.

The schedule includes:

Noon - 1:30PM: The day starts off at 12 PM at The Sundry Times, Asbury's Beach Shop and News Stand, where fans will have their first opportunity to meet Michael Uslan LIVE and in person to purchase their own copy of "The Boy Who Loved Batman" and have it signed.

2:00PM - 4:00PM: Located at the top of the First Avenue Pavilion on the AP Boardwalk, Watermark is an upscale lounge where there will be a very special discussion and Q & A. There, Michael takes questions in this intimate insider look behind this amazing career.

6:00PM - 8:00PM: The next stop is The Beach Bar, located off of the 5th Avenue Boardwalk on the Oceanside deck adjacent to the world famous Convention Hall. Here, you can take a small break & enjoy specialty beverages while you take in the unbelievable view.

8:30PM - 10:30PM: Finally, you will finish this amazing day with a very special screening of the Classic 1989 BATMAN Movie on the Beach with a special introduction from Michael. Yes, Re-live all of the thrilling action and adventure in this epic film experience... like you never have before!

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Jay Amabile said...

been waiting for this event! definitely going!