August 2, 2011

BATMAN ARKHAM CITY - Video Game Skins Are Going Crazy!

OK, I woke-up this morning to discover that there are even MORE MORE MORE Costume-Mod Skins for Batman: Arkham City! Keeping up with it all is driving me crazy and I predict that there will probably be many more, ha! For now, here are the ones that will be foreign exclusives to certain companies. I would like to add that I think all of these will be made available to everybody in the future. I mean, you know everyone world-wide is going to want each and every Bat-Suit! Here they are -

From left to right: Batman Beyond, The Dark Knight Returns, Batman Earth One, 1970's Batman, and The Animated Series. The last one is the Regular "Arkham City" Version.

For now, the break-down on who is offering these skins is as follows:
  • (UK) or Toys ‘R Us (USA) – 1970′s Batman
  • MightyApe – Batman Beyond, Earth One, The Animated Series
  • – Batman Beyond

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