July 4, 2011

Original Yvonne Craig BATGIRL Costume on the Auction Block!

An original production-made complete Batgirl Costume, used by Yvonne Craig in the classic 1966 BATMAN TV Show, will be offered in an online auction soon that will begin on July 30th, 2011. This is the cowl used in the very first episode featuring "Batgirl" and there are many photos of her wearing it. The costume includes: Unitard, Utility Belt, Gloves, Boots and Cape. It will also include paperwork and authentication from Western Costume as well as letters detailing the history of the costume from the original owner. Yvonne Craig examined the costume and told the current owner the story about the cowl. The estimate is between $9,000.00 and $12,000.00 ( I think it should go for more than that, ha! ) For extra information on this item just click HERE!

1 comment:

"T.V. Barnum" said...

Since the unitard and boots are prototypes - it makes it more valuable.