July 18, 2011

Junior BatSquad's 1966 BATCOPTER ADVENTURE at the New Jersey State Fair!

Bat-Blog Fans might remember reading about the 1966 BATCOPTER being at the New Jersey State Fair last month ( June 24th to July 10th ). If you went there you could actually ride in this Classic Bat-Vehicle for a small fee ( worth every penny ). Well, our Buddy BatDave took his two nieces and his Girlfriend's youngest nephew to the event. Yes, these lucky kids got to see the Original 1966 Batcopter!! For people unfamiliar with this vehicle, this is the real-life prop used in the 60's BATMAN Movie. It is now owned by a Pilot named Captain Gene Nock. He has totally restored the thing & takes it to State Fairs for people to ride.

Now, check out these fun photos. The 1st one is shows all the kids as they got there & they're standing next to the sign for the attraction. the great thing about this pic, if you look, you can see the Batcopter flying in the air. Wow! What a great shot! the next one shows BatDave taking his ride. I'm not sure if they're taking off or landing but it must have been totally exciting!

OK, I gotta explain the last 2 photos & they're really special to me. The Pilot, Captain Gene Nock, said he had seen the post we did here at the Bat-Blog & to show his appreciate he wanted BatDave to give me this Autographed Photo. The 1st pic shows him signing it & then there's the actual signed photo... AWESOME!! That is really cool. What a nice guy! ( Thanks to BatDave & The Junior BatSquad for sharing their adventure & also a thanks for getting me this photo, what a treat! )

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