July 20, 2011

DC Retroactive 1970's BATMAN #1 in Stores Now!

OK, if you're hitting the Comic Book Shop today then you need to keep an eye out for this baby! This is the cover to the "DC Retroactive 1970's BATMAN #1" One-Shot. I love the old DC Comics logo, & speaking of that, I also love the 70's BATMAN logo too ( Click on the above graphic for a larger photo ). You see, these are the comic books I grew-up with & it's just nice to see them again. Of course back then they only cost 25 cents, "Holy Inflation, Batman!" This one-shot issue features both a brand new story and a classic story by Len Wein, originally published in the 1970s. It also features art by Tom Mandrake, John Calnan and Dick Giordano.

Oh yeah, for a teaser where you can read the 1st few pages for free, click HERE!

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